1vs1 Battles FAQs 

How would I take an interest in a battle?
1. Click on a game in homepage section
2. Once navigated to game page, click on a battle under select battle type section
3. Read the information provided, then click on join game
4. If you have sufficient balance, game will start and you can start playing.

How much can I win in a battle?
Prizes varies depending on the battle you choose. All prizes are displayed on the battle tab and battle information game before entering the game.

How many games can I play in a day?
Players are given Pi tokens to play with. You can play any number of games as long as you have enough balance to pay the entry fees.

For what reason are some battle rooms shut?
Battle rooms are closed if the time of the battle has expired.

Who will I be playing against?
1. In knight duel, our games have a skill-based matching system that provides you with opponents with your same skill set.
2. In gladiator and battle royal mode, a certain number of players will join and you will be competing against them to rise in the ranks
3. In fantasy mode, you will join a competition with random users. Teams that score higher points wins the rewards.

What happens to my battle charge in the event that I don't get coordinated with a rival?
Battle charge won't be deducted from your account until a rival has been found.

What occurs, in the event that I get detached while playing the game?
The system will try to reconnect you to game. In case reconnection fails, your game will end. You may take a screenshot of the problem and report it to our team for a refund.

What occurs in the event that I exit the application while playing the game?
You may not exit a game while playing as it will disconnect you from the game. You may win or lose dependent on your last recorded score.

How would I stop the game in the center?
Pausing a game is not possible. You may quit a game by clicking on exit option in the game page. This is considered a forfeit and you would lose your PI tokens to your opponent.

How would I win a battle?
The battle closes, when both you and your rival have finished the game. At the point when this occurs, in the event that your score is higher than your rival's, you WIN.
On the off chance that your score is equivalent to your rival's score toward the finish of the battle, the game is TIED and both of you will get your battle passage expense back to your account.
On the off chance that your score is lower than your rival's score, you LOSE.

Why can I not see a start a new battle option is not available?
It may be a direct result of one of the accompanying reasons:
1-You might not have adequate PI tokens to battle once more
2- Fight Room may have finished

When do I get my rewards into my record?
You will get the rewards in your record when the battle closes

What is the battle room leaderboard?
Battle Room Leaderboard shows the rank of each player participating in the battle up until the point of viewing the leaderboard. Players are ranked based on how high they score when playing the game.  


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