PI fair competition 

What is cheating?
Any form of piracy, including the abuse of loopholes or the use of third-party tools. Use multiple accounts or collaborate with players to improve your score.

How does PI punish cheating?
The first violation of PI is prohibited for 1 day.
The second violation of PI is prohibited for 7 days.
The third violation of PI permanently prohibits you from playing games or withdrawing cash during the ban. You will lose the bonuses obtained from cheating games.
If you are caught cheating in any game, promoting hacking, or violating other terms of use determined by PI, you will be permanently blocked.
If locked permanently, PI will lose the right to any balance in your PI wallet.

Fair competition safety measures PI.
PI uses first-class data security tools and practices to ensure the security and privacy of user data.
All our systems are regularly tested using automatic and manual safety processes, not only by PI but also by external safety experts.
At PI, we put data protection first and ensure that there are no loopholes in protecting the safety and privacy of users.
Safe payment: All information is stored in a secure environment and will not be shared with any untrusted third parties. We work with trusted third-party payment gateways to ensure the safety of all financial transactions. We will not store your credit/debit card details. We have additional OTP checks to prevent fraudulent withdrawals. Provide quick response to any identified or reported issues.

Game fraud detection
PI has an automatic detection system to identify fraud in games. The card game adopted anti-collusion measures during the game. Responsible games will notify users when their accumulated spending exceeds a certain limit and ask them to play games responsibly. When users have a long game session and need to take a break, they will be notified.
When the conversation exceeds a certain time, PI will force the user to take a non-negotiable break.
In this case, the user cannot use the application.
Disconnected users who are disconnected due to a bad internet connection will be declared lost.
Check your internet connection before starting to play.
PI is not responsible for the internet connection of individual players.
We strongly recommend that you play free or chip tournaments to test your internet connection before registering for paid tournaments. Profanity and Abuse PI does not allow the use of profanity, vulgar or abusive language in chat or usernames or other areas. 


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