How can I participate in a tournament?
Open application home page>>
Select a game >>
Under the select battle section, select a gladiator battle>>
Hit the Join Button at the lower part of your screen>>
Pay the section charge for the tournament with PI tokens from your balance>>
Game starts if you have enough PI tokens to join the tournament.

How would I check my position in a tournament?
Open application home page>>
Select the game in which you have joined a tournament>>
Click on the tournament you are enrolled in>>
Click on leaderboard option beside prizes tab to view your rank

How would I check what games have I played?
Open application home page >>
open the side menu>>
click on View Profile >>
In your profile, you can see recently played games.

What amount do I have to pay to enroll for a tournament?
Entry fee is presented to players on the bottom left corner of each battle tab. Entry fee varies according to the battle type you join,

For how long do the tournaments run?
Tournaments are accessible for a minimum period of 20 minutes and can go up to 24 hours or more. Each tournament beginning and end time is presented to the user in the tournament information page. To view the tournament information page, simply click on a tournament tab under the select battle type section in a game page.

Is there a minimum number of players required for a tournament to start?
Tournaments only start once the minimum number of players needed to start is fulfilled.

How much can I win in one tournament?
The amount of tokens won varies depending on the tournament you join and how high do you rank in the tournament. Prize break up is shown in the tournament information page. To view the tournament information page, simply click on a tournament tab under the select battle type section in a game page.

How frequently would I be able to play in a tournament?
There is no limit to how many games a player can play in a tournament. After paying the entry fee, players can play for as long as the tournament room is open.

How do I win a tournament?
Tournament winners are selected based on their rank in the game leaderboard at the end of the tournament. If you rank in a position where you qualify for a prize, then you are considered to be amongst tournament winners.

What is a pooled tournament?
In a Pooled Tournament, the prize is determined according to how many players will join the tournament. As the number of players increase, the prize increases with them.

How is my position determined in a tournament?
Rank in a tournament is determined by arranging the best scores of each participant. The score counted is chosen based upon a participant highest score in all the games he/she have played within the tournament period.

What are "Potential Winnings"?
Potential Winnings are the rewards displayed on the tournament leaderboard throughout the tournament. These are characteristic numbers to address prize cash you remain to win in the event that you hold your present position till the finish of the tournament.

What happens when scores are tied?
At the point when n players tie on a similar score, every one of them will get a similar position and the following n-1 positions are skipped. The prize for positions of the n players is then summed up and divided equally between the players.

I joined a tournament but couldn't find time to play a single game. Will I get my tokens back?
Unless a technical issue from our side happens, no tokens are given back after deduction for any reason.

Can I unregister for a tournament before it starts?
Tournaments cannot be discontinued after joining at any given time.

I enrolled in a tournament and won, but I do not see the prize reflected in my account. What can I do?
Prizes won in any battle should be reflected in your account immediately. If that does not happen, please restart the application and recheck your balance.

If you still do not see the prize reflected, please wait for 2 hours and then check again. If the prize is still not reflected, contact our customer service team through our help page. You can access Play It help page through the side menu.  


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